The latest generation, State of the Art CT:

A CT (Computed Tomographic) Scanner is a medical imaging device that combines the use of X-rays with computer reconstruction to produce images of the body’s insides. Unlike conventional X-Rays, a CT Scan produces extremely detailed images of the body’s internal structures.The latest generation of Scanners are called Multi-detector or Multi-slice CT Scanners which use multiple detector rows (slices) to very rapidly scan the body in extremely high resolution.

200 Rivonia Road Radiology has the latest generation Multi-detector CT Scanner, a technology we have invested in so as to better serve our patients. We practice low-dose and ultra-low-dose CT Scanning techniques and protocols in order to limit X-ray dose exposure as much as possible.

200 Rivonia Road Radiology also offers professional Colour Doppler Ultrasound Scanning to global standards.

Leading Radiologists

We offer X-ray, Ultrasound, Interventional Procedures, CT scans, Planning Scans, MRI scans. All radiology procedures are overseen by trained specialist Radiologists and staff using the latest radiology technology.