Complete Privacy and Confidentiality

Of Your 200 Rivonia Road Radiology Medical Report And All Image Data

Your 200 Rivonia Road Radiology medical report and scan images contain sensitive and private medical information and diagnoses regarding your health.

Many entities, of which you may not be aware, want to collect, retain, and disseminate your medical and health information for risk profiling purposes (“loading”), procedure funding control, or commercial profit (database sales). This is particularly applicable to the risk-based entities such as Medical-aids / funders, the life assurance industry, and health organisations.

200 Rivonia Road Radiology thus provides a totally private and confidential model and does not share your scan data/report /diagnoses with any South African or international entity whatsoever – only with you.

200 Rivonia Road Radiology:

  • Respects your right to absolute medical privacy.
  • Ensures your medical data remains totally private, confidential and secure.
  • Does not permit exposure for risk-profiling or “loading”

Ensures your medical data is not shared with public or commercial organisations:

  • Medical Aids/ funders.
  • Medical Institutions, Health organisations, and other Health Professionals.
  • Life ínsurance’ companies
  • Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Government agencies.
  • Ensures your medical data is not disseminated in the public domain.
  • Ensures you have total ownership and control of your own medical data/reports.
  • Has a completely closed, separate, wholly / fully owned and protected IT infrastructure, for storage of data, with DICOM 3 level protection applied to all image data.
  • Adheres to POPI.


  • Are the sole owner of your medical data/reports and diagnoses from 200 Rivonia Road Radiology.
  • It is released by default to you only unless specifically requested otherwise.
  • You have total control over its dissemination.
  • Only you decide if and what information you wish to divulge, and to which health professional or third party.
  • 200 Rivonia Road Radiology requires a formal consent of release of information, signed by you, in order to disseminate your reports/data, to other entities.

Please note: If you are referred to 200 Rivonia Road Radiology by a Medical Specialist / Doctor or other Health Professional, or the Medical Aid is funding the scan(s), then those parties will have access to your data from 200 Rivonia Road Radiology.

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